This time I chose a picture from 2022s Edition of GUEs Creative Trip with redseaexplorers where I did a really nice dive inside the Thistlegorm to show the adjustments that need to be done, even if the lighting and the settings of the camera are properly done.

 First of all it is white balance. I personally don’t change that setting during the dive, because I work with photos and raw files, where I can easily change the white balance afterwards in Lightroom and don’t want to adjust that with all the changing lighting scenarios. (But that is a different topic with video).

 Followed by overall adjustments in the other basic settings (Exposure, shadows, highlights, Saturation etc.) and afterwards changes in HSL.

In this case the some minor adjustments (Dodge & Burn) with masking options in Lightroom were made. All the editing was done inside Lightroom.

Equipment used:

Sony A7R III with Metabones IV and Sigma 15mm Fisheye in Nauticam Housing with 8,5″ Domeport
2 Inon Z330 Strobes on camera, 2 Inon Z330 Strobes off camera
1/30Sec, f9 Iso 1000 to properly capture the ambient and continues light
Strobes on Manual Power


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